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About tie the knot with spot

On your special day, the entire family should be with you! My pets are my life, so I understand that your wedding day wouldn't be complete without them. Charleston is a spectacular wedding destination and has been voted most pet-friendly city in the Southeast. After hearing several stories from friends about the difficulty they had trying to have their fur family stand by their side on the big day, I thought it was time for a solution. That's why I decided to start Charleston’s first dog concierge service to help make your wedding the perfect day you’ve imagined. Your pet will receive the same high quality care they get from you. Whether you want them there for the ceremony, pictures, or entire wedding, I will customize any services you request to fit your specific needs. Contact me anytime. I look forward to meeting you and your fur family!

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Elizabeth Hogan

Phone: 305.393.2050

Email: tietheknotwithspot@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?

Fill out the questionnaire form on our website, or shoot me an email at tietheknotwithspot@gmail.com.

What services does tie the knot was spot offer?

We are completely customizable for your needs on your wedding day.

What if I have a pet other than a dog?

I love all animals! I would always consider any pet.

What if I have a dog request other than a wedding?

Shoot me an email at tietheknotwithspot@gmail.com.

What if I need transportation for my dog to and from the wedding?

No problem we handle that also!

What if my wedding is going to run really late and my dog will be home alone?

We can handle letting your dog back out later that evening for a walk, potty break and late night snack. 

What if my dog is staying at a boarding facility since we’re leaving straight for our honeymoon after the wedding?

We can arrange for us to drop off your pup at any boarding facility of your choice.

What if I don’t know any boarding facilities in the area?

Don’t worry we do.

What if we have multiple pets we want to attend our wedding?

Not a problem we can bring as many people as you need for your fur family.

What happens if my pet become sick or injured while in your care?

Upon being hired one of the forms you will fill out is the vet release form. On the rare occasion that should happen we will of course take care of your pup!